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    Step by step guide to Applying your MacBook Decal

    Step 1
    Prepare your device and decal. Wipe down the application surface with a damp cloth and dry.

    Step 2
    Press the decal firmly to ensure vinyl is stuck to application tape. On a flat surface peel away the backing paper to reveal the decal (do this upside down).

    Step 3
    Light the logo.

    Step 4
    Hover the decal over the device and adjust to the best position.

    Step 5
    Apply the decal and scrape over with a credit card using a firm amount of force. This will remove any air bubbles and make the decal stick to the surface.

    Step 6
    Starting at a corner. Pull back the application tape. Do this SLOWLY and on a sharp angle.

    Step 7
    Check for air bubbles and ensure all parts of the decal are stuck down.

    Step 8
    If there are any bubbles grab a pin, pop a small hole and push the air out with your finger.

    Step 9
    Take a pic on your smartphone and tag us online! #LondonDecal