Struggling For Growth?

Movember is upon us. Fundraising whilst making a fashion statement - if '80s porn star' can be called a fashion statement. Men across the globe (or 'Mo Bros' to use their official title) attempt to grow some form of substance from which to sculpt their furry masterpieces. From hillbilly handlebars to the flamboyant dali, everyone has a style that they think they can pull off. Some may even start modelling their whole wardrobe around their new facial furniture, depending on what you can get away with at the office! Ultimately it's all to raise awareness and funds for The Movember Foundation, which focuses in on several aspects of mens health including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

There's no doubt the phenomenon has grown over the years and many organisations, somewhere along the line, are happy to get involved to help grow awareness; from oversized moustaches on the front of aircraft, down to the little orange guy on Google maps sporting his own lip warmer.



But let's face it, not nearly as many of us are brave enough, or can even grow enough facial hair to properly construct a meaningful moustache - not at least without a few months preparation to have a decent starting platform come the beginning of Movember. Whilst not wanting to deter those who are more than willing to style themselves on icons of the past, we at LondonDecal have created a range of moustache decals for your laptop or tablet. There's a full range of shapes and sizes on offer, to represent your inner self with.



We pledge to donate 50% of all sales of the moustache range to The Movember Foundation, and wish to clearly state that we're not trying to discourage the core value of the foundation - a sticker is no substitute for a moustache, we are just hoping it will become another tool to spread awareness with. Although not affiliated by the Movember Foundation in an official sense, we're still all in favour of raising their profile, the cause they stand for and the importance of men's health in general.


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