Alternative Christmas Traditions

Alternative Christmas Traditions

If you’re over Christmas, maybe you want to rethink how you celebrate it, rather than write the whole season off. I mean, Santa is going to know if you’ve been naughty or nice… just sayin’.

You don’t have to carry on a ‘tradition’ simply because it’s been handed down through the generations - why not make this year the year to start a new tradition for you and your family?

Helpfully we’ve come up with a few simple, easy-to-implement ideas that can start you off - because let’s face it, Christmas can be stressful enough without throwing an unknown entity into the mix!

  1. Snowflake decals instead of fake snow.

Our gloriously festive snowflake decals will make even the most tropical of vistas appear like a winter wonderland. Plus you’re not going to get pesky kids etching their initials (or worse) in these. They’re quick and easy to install and leave no residue behind come Twelfth Night.

Photo credit: Paisley & Jade
  1. Make your own Christmas tree.

Instead of chopping a tree down, why not make one this year? A ladder Christmas tree is the easiest design to pull off. Simply open a folding ladder, string twine between the rungs and attach your shiniest baubles. Wrap fairy lights around the legs for a really twinkly effect.

No need to water, and definitely no dropped needles this year.

  1. Send alternatives to Christmas cards.

Granted the humble Crimbo card has been around for over a century, but that doesn’t mean you have to send one this year. Why not break with Season’s Greetings and send something else instead, such as:

  • Go paperless and save on stamps with an e-card.
  • Decorate pine cones: dip in glitter and adorn with a festive ribbon - kids can help collect and make them, and the recipient can hang your art on their tree.
  • Ice a cookie or gingerbread man with a personalised note - meaningful and tasty.
  1. Rent your Christmas tree.

If you feel guilty year upon year, for handing your beloved tree, one of 6 million we Brits throw out, over to the chipper in January, why not consider renting one this year?

Rented Christmas trees are grown in special pots which are then dug up and replanted year after year. You simply have to pay a deposit, keep the tree in good nick and return it when you're done feeling festive.

Rentals start at £25 for a 4ft tree, and if you become particularly attached to yours, you could always rent him again next year.

  1. Put up a Christmas wall decal instead of paper chains.

Rather than stringing reams of fairy lights and paper chains around your living room and turning it into a budget version of Santa’s grotto, why not opt for a grown up look, and stick a festive wall decal on your wall instead?

Or sod sophisticated and keep the kids happy with our candy cane decals - add instant holiday cheer to even the Scroogiest of rooms.

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