What is it about Mrs Hinch, that resonates with so many of us?

Mrs Hinch is a cleanfluencer. Not sure if that is actually a word, but with influencers infiltrating every aspect of our lives, even how we clean our homes, that portmanteau seems to fit quite nicely.

If you haven’t heard of Mrs Hinch, go sign up to any social media platform, then come back and finish reading this.

Mrs Hinch is everywhere.

In a short space of time, what started as a means to share images of her home, has quickly turned this one woman war on dirt into an internet sensation - a globally recognised cleaning aficionado.

So what is it about Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchcliffe, that resonates with so many of us?

Well, for a start, let’s talk about those original cleaning routines. Anyone who can turn mundane household chores into a fun activity, immediately gets our vote.

She keeps it real.

With so much fake news and insta-glam bandied around, it makes for a refreshing change to see someone so quirky and fun, taking such joy in doing something so simple as cleaning.

So to all the haters out there who claim it’s unnaturally obsessive to be that passionate about cleaning, we would like to paraphrase Olivia Coleman at the Oscars: *blows raspberry*.

Seriously, how can you come down on someone who has instilled a desire to clean in so many people, and not just that, created a community around her whilst doing it?

The power of spring cleaning is not to be reckoned with. The impact of physical clutter can truly muddy the mind and Mrs Hinch regularly shares messages from her followers, talking about how she’s helped them cope with their anxiety, or depression or lack of confidence.

#hincharmy is not just a tour de force on household cleanliness, it’s a cohort of people who, through the medium of cleaning, have found inner peace and calm - a sea of tranquility where chaos once reigned supreme.

And at the helm is a relatable human being who is as kooky as they come (she’s given her cleaning products names), but with easy to follow advice.

Plus, her cleaning products aren’t the expensive branded ones, they’re everyday cheap items that are as accessible as she is. And, the results you see her achieve through using said products, are the same results you’ll attain in your own home.

But you know what it is about Mrs Hinch that has resonated with so many of us, it’s quite simply down to one thing: she’s a likeable person.

And unlike the manufactured influencers, people who came by their five minutes of fame off the back of a reality TV show or such like, Mrs Hinch has grown her popularity organically. Not to mention, the social media realm can be a place that nurtures a sort of politics of envy, she’s not trying to be anything other than herself, and she’s not trying to make you buy into anything other than encouraging you to have fun whilst cleaning your home. And who wouldn’t want to live in one of those?

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